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There are many opportunities for involvement with HFA ...

- Join together as a powerful voting block
- Commit to pray for our government officials
- Participate in the legislative process
- Encourage other Christians to vote
- Commit to exercise your vote for candidates that support our shared values
- Financially support HFA's education, lobbying, and electioneering
- This is the benefit of HFA being a 501(c)(4) organization. Under federal law, HFA can actively participate and influence elections by opposing and supporting candidates and advising others. 

Every citizen who cares about maintaining traditional values and high standards in our community is encouraged to join those already united in voice and action on the vital issues that negatively affect and harm our families.

-- Choose one of the options below to start your involvement  --


(the BEST option)

Unleash Biblical Citizenship!

Your membership in Hawaii Family Advocates is how HFA can achieve our mission to advance our core values (Faith, Family, & Freedom) through education, lobbying and electioneering. Without members or donors we cannot actively advance our mission in Hawaii.

Click the link above to see the various levels of membership and the benefits for each level.


(a GOOD option)

One-Time Donation

If you would like to financially support HFA, but you're not ready to sign up to be a monthly member (option 1), then click on the link above to make a one-time donation. Your donation of ANY amount will help HFA advance our core values in Hawaii.

As an HFA donor, you will also be added to our "I Vote Values" email list.


(the Last option)

"I Vote Values"

If you are unable to become a paying member or donor, then please click on this link and sign up for our HFA "I Vote Values" email membership. It's critical that we band together as a powerful voting block in Hawaii. With the Bible as our compass, together we can advance our core values of Faith, Family, and Freedom.

Note: Paying members and donors are automatically added to the "I Vote Values" list, so there is no need to subscribe here. 


A nation where God is honored is possible when Christians stand together on the principles of God's Word and engage with culture - and in politics - out of compelling love for our fellow Americans.


Hawaii Family Advocates

P.O. Box 3226

Honolulu, HI 96801 

HFA is a 501(c)(4) non-profit organization. Donations are not tax-deductible.

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